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  1. M

    Remove the pen to save battery on your Android device

    If you use a device like Samsung Galaxy Note versions you have the pen function enabled by default, and that drains a lot of battery from your device even if you are not using the pen. Actually I never use the pen. If you are like me you can follow these steps and remove the pen in the...
  2. S

    capturing search results

    How could I capture in editable format, the entire results a search, which may be several screens long ? Most convenient would be a spread sheet, since the results are in tabular form.
  3. F

    can't access certain files

    I'm using Windows XP Home. Mozilla Firefox. I'm unable to access files in My Documents, and I can't even get Control Panel in order to do a System Restore. I can get online OK, but can't work offline. Each time I switch off, the PC installs 4 updates. It seems odd to have 4 updates each time...
  4. D

    SP3 cant uninstall

    after installing sp3 i have been having problems with my pc being really slow. i want to uninstall and see if thth is the problem but when i try and uninstall i get the message 'the system cannot find the file specified'. please help
  5. R

    error deleting file or folder - in use by another person or program

    Hi I downloaded he client for Dark Age of Camalot (online game) left the pc overnight (big download) in the morning it crashed (hung) the file is sitting on my desktop at 0 bytes and i cannot delete it. Tried restarting in safe node too... win xp media centre edition sp3 2gig ram fatality...
  6. J

    Assign partition letter

    I created a partition ('C' drive) for Windows during windows set up. How do I assign a letter to the remaining partition now that Windows is fully set up.
  7. J

    Virtual Memory

    Are there recommended values for virtual memory settings? I have 2 GB Ram and my hard drive capacity is 75GB with 24GB used and 51GB spare. In the performance options screen under the advanced tab the virtual memory is 2047. In the virtual memory screen the total paging file size for all drives...
  8. S

    Extremely Slow System

    Hello, after having discovered my dell laptop running vista business was ridden with spyware trojans and viruses I decided to perform a clean install. Upon completion I reinstalled all the main programs I needed which are backed up on my external HDD and also installed Norton 360. After a day...
  9. J

    my laptops messed up please help

    Hello all, firstly thankyou for taking time to read my post. My problem is that my browser keeps getting redirected to other sites, some of which are adult , also my laptop has slowed down alot since this happened. could someone help me please regards james
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