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windows xp

  1. kathi

    Windows does not recognize the new HDD

    Hi, Hope you can help I am at the end of my tether (nearly). I have a HP Compaq notebook which originally had XP on it. I have upgraded to Vista then latter to windows 7 sometime last year. I recently had problems with the hard drive, it would not load windows at all. I ended up sanitizing...
  2. D

    SP3 cant uninstall

    after installing sp3 i have been having problems with my pc being really slow. i want to uninstall and see if thth is the problem but when i try and uninstall i get the message 'the system cannot find the file specified'. please help
  3. K

    startup bios cant see portable HDD to install windows XP on.

    hi, I'm just trying to install windows XP on to run from my new portable HDD. I have a hewllett packard PC and i press F8 and go into the startup bios and there is no option to boot fromm portable HDD, only from CD or Floppy DD or inbuilt HDD or PCI. I select boot from my XP CD but when i try to...
  4. T

    No Sound

    Hi, up until a month ago i could get sound from my computer, then my speakers got thrown away by accident as they were very old. I recieved a pair of speakers (Dell Model A225) which has a green wire and a USB plug. These do not work and i have tried umpteen times to find a driver from them on...
  5. P

    Deleting XP

    Hey guys, I just installed Vista onto my PC but the XP operating system is still there :eek: Usually when you install a new OS it give you the option to delete the old one but this time, it did not. I don't think it can be done through the setup disk Does anyone know what I need to do? XP...
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