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A Dummy`s Guide for Printing copies from the OE Drafts Folder


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Oct 6, 2011
UK - London
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It is only recently after over a decade of experience that I discovered how to print a draft message copy from my OE, which has no Print command for drafts.

Hard to believe, but true and what is more - it is dead easy when you know how. Up until now I have been sending these drafts to myself and printing from the Inbox, getting header stuff I did not want, plus the AV notes at the bottom, which I had to cut off if the copy was to be passed on.

I cannot believe that I am the only such dummy on Planet Earth, so I will describe how it is done for others.

1. Ensure the printer is switched on, loaded with paper and ready to print.
2. Bring up the DRAFTS folder on OE.
3. Highlight the message you wish to print and then click in turn :-
View>Layout>Preview Pane
4. CheckShowPreviewPane>CheckBelowMessages>Apply>OK
5. The selected draft appears below the message list in the pane. Any other selected message will also appear.
6. Then - File>Print and the print wizard appears. Proceed as normal.

Once the draft copy has been printed, just reverse the procedure to delete the pane. It only takes a few seconds.


PS - Sorry about the font size, something has gone wrong with it. If a Mod can reduce this font to normal size, I offer my thanks.

Is this better? RandyL

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