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A new pc with a linux distro as OS.


FPCH New Member
Aug 5, 2007
Hi everyone I am new here to this forum.

I searched on google for forums like these, this one as the option on linux. Ok basically im a computer wizz with a good pc atm. I run windows xp sp2, looking to change to linux. I have done a lot of research on the net over the past month or so. I am looking to buy a new pc and i want to install any linux distro on it as OS.

Now my problem is... I am a bit confused :?, normally I can search for components on my own because i know very much of these things. My main problem atm is the cpu, and graphics of a new pc, not so much the graphics(NVIDIA). What i want to use the pc for are:
1) I want to use linux on it.
2) Games on the internet such as Css and Warcraft3(I am a heavy gamer, go to lans ex).
3) I am starting to use some of the hacking programs that you can get on the net.
4) I am also a developer, i use delphi.
5) I am also a heavy multi task person(run a game, music, Firefox, delphi all at the same time).

I have worked on some linux distro's before and I am looking at Red Hat Fedora, Ubuntu or Debian. I am still a beginner in many of the script base programs. I work many hours a day on my pc, and I am learning much stuff about script base programs as the days go by. I also use some hack base programs like Python and Unix(I am a good hacker not a evil one :p).

So yeah that is basically what I use my pc for and so forth. I just want to know about components that will fit my need for a pc, like the cpu(Intel or AMD), i understand AMD is more efficient for script base programs. Graphics, don't really know if it makes such a big difference in what programs you use. I can also post the list of components i want to put in my pc...

Any help would be appreciated thanks :D


FPCH Member
Jan 21, 2006
Telford, UK
I think you should opt for an AMD Athlon 64 X2 processor, they are good value and provide great performance. Obviously you'll need a socket AM2 motherboard; make sure you get one with these technologies: PCI Express, SATA/300 (as opposed to SATA/150), DDR2, Gigabit Ethernet and built-in surround audio. That should be a good enough specification to run all of the latest games and give good performance for whatever OS you are using.

Make sure you couple it with at least 2 GB of fast DDR2 memory, preferably a matched set.