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About RAM


FPCH New Member
May 27, 2008
hi every1:):)
Based on following info. can I install 512 MB in the Available Memory Slot
so the total is 256 + 512 =768MB
Both Memory are DDR400,pc3200 ( same type )
Maximum Memory Capacity: 512 MB
Currently Installed Memory: 256 MB
Available Memory Slots: 1
Number of Banks: 2
Dual Channel Support: N.A.
CPU Manufacturer: GenuineIntel
CPU Family: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 2.60GHz Model 2, Stepping 9
CPU Speed: 2625 MHz
System Manufacturer: GBT___
System Model: AWRDACPI
Motherboard Manufacturer: N.A.
Motherboard Model: P4M266A-8235
these Info. is Done by Memory upgrades, flash media, and usb storage at Crucial.com


FPCH New Member
May 27, 2008
recently had the same question answered by my own testing, and the answer is no ... just use the 512 alone