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access privileges


FPCH New Member
Jun 23, 2007
Hi Guys New to This So if i Make some Newbie Errors Please Forgive me,
Recently i Downloaded Some Registery Cleaners(Not Sure Which Ones But I can Recover the List From the Trash)
Anyhoo, i proceeded to Clean the Computer with Said Cleaners and Restarted,
All Good so Far untill i noticed some Strange Behaviour,
First Being that my Desk top icons have all alligned to Grid and no matter what i do to Seperate them to the Left or Right as soon as i Refresh the Desktop they all snap back to the Left, i have not changed any of the auto allign or snap to Grid stuff on the Desktop,so cant figure it out,
Next, when i open i-Tunes it Says that it is not the Default Audio Player, and when i check the Box to Make it so, it says that i do not Have enough access privileges to do so, even though i am the sole user of the Computer, so i tried to Resore the Computer to a Previous Restore Point and even though it Does shut down and begins the Restore Proccess as soon as it Restarts it says that the Computer Can not Restore to that point and to choose another point which i have done right back as far as April still no Joy'
Anybody have Any Idea what could be Causing this Problem??

Jack Hackett

Banned FPCH Member
Jan 7, 2008
When you used said 'Registry Cleaners' did you select the option (if available) to make a back-up before you made any changes to the registry?

If so restore the back-up.