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account user problem


FPCH New Member
Mar 30, 2007
I am no computer wizard and what i know i have learnt myself. the problem is that whenever i use my own user account on my pc everything starts up ok but then the screen will go black and then all of the problems start. the whole of the screen becomes distorted in colour, all of the icons become so large that you cannot fit them all to the screen, infact everything is blown up 100%, the colour is bright and icons are that much distorted that you cannot make any of them out. If i start up in my daughters account then everything is ok. I have tried to put this right but have been unable to sort the problem. There is also 3 other accounts and all of these work perfectl all but my own, cannot understand why. Please can anyone help.


FPCH New Member
Mar 29, 2007
South Wales UK
I would guess its your settings in your account for display settings............... if everboby else who uses the pc is fine then it has to be your settings.......................

try going to .......................


Control pannel



make sure COLOR is on full or the bottom one


screen area is around or is........

1024 by 768 pixels

i hope that helps .............