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adsl/USB Problem!


FPCH New Member
Nov 18, 2007
hi, i recently have been switched on to tiscali broadband 8 mb, i can download and browse the internet no problem at all, however when it comes to playing online games such as team fortress 2, i get an intermittent fault.
The usb light on my modem will just suddenly turn red and start to flicker between red and green, i then have to use safe to remove hardware manager and stop the device functioning before i reconnect my modem then the internet.
I have tried the following, Reinstalling the modem drivers over 10 times with and without firewall being turned on and downloading different drivers from the manufacturers site.
Formatting the hardrive two times incase it was a viruse or somthing, Tried my old usb modem and i got same problem.
Tiscali said it was my side, not sure if this is true any help would be appreciated thank you.


FPCH Member
Jan 21, 2006
Telford, UK
Well, obviously it is not your side and you have clearly put in enough effort to determine this. The likely fault is that your USB modem is simply broken or faulty and therefore you should request a replacement from Tiscali. Be assertive and explain the situation, USB modems don't cost very much and they should be willing to help you out. You are, after all, their customer.