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In an effort to make this site one of the best support sites, i will be investing a lot of money into advertising in the coming months..

However, we do need your support as FPH is free and is mainly funded by ME. So, any clicks on the google adverts (located at the bottom right hand corner) would be much appreciated. All of the money will be put back into FPH. =]

Lets try and get this back up again.



FPCH Member
Jan 21, 2006
Telford, UK
Good going Mike :D

We were listed at the number 5 top support site on page 81 of the current issue of Micro Mart. I felt so proud but also distraught, there hasn't been enough activity for a long time to warrant that. So I though, "we've got to get it going again!"

I'm going to make an effort to keep responding to anyone who posts and offering them the best advice I can. The funny thing is, I rarely use Windows anymore but I can still dish the advice out, you accumulate a lot of knowledge on the nuances of the beast of Microsoft. :p

Here's to a revived FPH!


FPCH Member
Jan 22, 2006
Upon a Chair
I was part of Adams Grammar School's 350th anniversary tour to New Zealand and created a blog site to leave back our thoughts.

I did place a little link entitled "FREE PC HELP" up top right in an effort to give you some traffic. I can't measure myself how many times it was clicked so haven't a clue if anyone did notice it and try.

Just thought i'd mention it seen as we did have over 100 members using the site daily for a month or so.



Does anyone have any bright ideas on how we can promote FPH?


Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Big Lar

FPCH Member
Jan 12, 2008
He He He,

I know that this reply is 2 years late but i only found the site this morning so ye will have to forgive me.

I would have thought that if one was looking for free advertising to get traffic onto the site that a article in a newspaper would help.

For instance would it be a good idea to approach a newspaper with the idea for a help column and get some of the simple and successfull threads on the forum published, this way people could see what ye are about and the site would get hits through that way.

I say simple threads/problems as those sort of topics would be relative to the majority of computer users.




Hi Lar

The ideas that were kicked around 2 years ago Lar are very different to the ones we have today.

We are on average attracting 5 to 6 new members every day as we are now.
We are shortly moving to a new site that will encompass certain advertising items which we believe will generate an even bigger membership.

Thank you for your ideas though.


FPCH Long Term Member
Dec 13, 2007
PC Experience
Some Experience
Operating System
Windows Vista - Home Basic
What about contacting companies if their product is discussed favorable on the site? We could contact them with a link with permission to link to FPCH so that their customers can read what would be considered "user reviews". Has possibilities to be more trouble than what it's worth... but might be an idea to look into.