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All gone!!!


FPCH New Member
Jul 24, 2007
I was helping my freind fix his freind CD drive. So we opened the case the we replace the cd drive.But first we accidently took out the hardrive. Then after that we put them all back in carefully.Then things started to go wrong. Everytime we booted up the system a black screen came and it said press F2 to goto setup or F11 to boot from a disk or something i cant remember. So we tried installin Windows XP again but it said it could not detect hard drive. So we decide to put the CD drive on Slave and leave the hard drive on its normal settings.Then it all lit up and now it wont turn back on. Any help??


FPCH Long Term Member
Feb 7, 2007
South Africa
Is your hard drive and cd on same cable, if yes check hard disk is master and cd slave. also make sure the bios picks up the hard drive and cd.


FPCH Member
Jun 29, 2007
PC Experience
Operating System
are you getting anything on the screen at all.is there any beeping,,if so how many and how frequent.what make of board is it.
make sure you have not knocked the memory out of its slots.,,,,,(there will be nothing on screen there is no ram.)
how many cd drives are in this machine...what ide cable is connected to what.
try running just the hard drive on its own...does it boot....if not what error.