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Aloha Everyone

Christian C-H-O

FPCH New Member
Jan 5, 2015
Honolulu Hawaii
PC Experience
Very Experienced
I'm Rick Kirkham, an in home computer tutor and virus removal specialist here in Honolulu Hawaii. I'm married with a 15 year old son. I look forward to learning and sharing when I can.


Oct 19, 2008
Wirral UK
Hi Rick and welcome.

Your original post was picked up by our board software and made invisible to members.
Did you post a link to your home page ?
We don't allow advertising - even to Christian help sites I am sorry.

You say you are a virus removal specialist.
Where were you trained ?
You may know some of the guys here.
( Please do not contribute to malware / virus removal until Starbuck [ Security Specialist and Admin ] has given the OK.

I have just had a look at your websites.
I charge $75.00 per hour to remove computer viruses
We do it here for FREE.

If you are here to help - great
If you are here to advertise - then please don't.