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AMD vs Intel


FPCH New Member
Sep 10, 2012
USA California
PC Experience
Very Experienced
Hi all

I am a big gamer, What I have now is 2 Intell core 2 quad, 8gig ram, one system has an Nvidia 590 and the other has a Nvidia 260 for best results I play 4 games on each system. They all play together but I need to get them all on 1 computer so I plan to build a 3rd system.

So here is what I am asking.
What is better for gaming, Intell I7 6 core or the new AMD 8 core.

I never could figure out what was the difference between AMD and Intell

the new Intel (at least the I7) has hyperthread so that gives the 6 core 12 channels for data

as far as I know the AMD 8 core only has 8 channels for data.

not sure if i worded it all right but hope the experts can figure out what I am asking :)

this new system will not replace what I have but will be a gaming only system. so all i need is the fasest gaming choise.

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