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Any "Data Recovery" experts?


FPCH New Member
Nov 28, 2007
Hi, this is my first post here.

I've been reading this article,


but I don't think it applies to my particular situation.

I recently had a virus on my dekstop PC. OOOPSSY!!!
I've had this particular virus before, about a year ago and back then it totally screwed me. I had to format my hard drives and begin all over again. It just couldn't be removed any other way and I asked loads of people on different computer forums for help at the time.

So this time, I had another brave go at deleting it in Safe Mode. Then I installed a program called RegCleaner. Booted up Regcleaner in safe mode and scanned my Registry and it listed a bunch of stuff, me being impatient just ***umed "ah I'm sure this program knows what it is doing, I'll just hit "OK" to all of this"

(this is where you all virtually slap my head).

And so I wiped MY ENTIRE REGISTRY!!!!
Of course I didn't realise this until I booted up into XP in normal mode again.

All my programs and desktop icons were now blank. Nothing could be run. NO control Panel.
No System Restore.

The virus had survived.


So I reinstalled Windows XP.
When I did, I was able to use all my programs and files on my C drive again, however, the links on the desktop were all gone and so I have to create shortcuts for all the programs again, which is fair enough.

I also lost all the files in my My Documents folder, but OK...

The BIG problem...

My second drive (my 300GB D drive), is no longer readable.
When I click on it in Windows XP a message comes up saying, "Drive is not Formatted, format now?"

This is a big pisser of a problem as I have 130 GB of music stuff, video footage (from my band) and all that sorta of irreplaceable stuff on there.

I've now tried to put the drive into a USB External caddy to see if my Laptop would read it, but I get the same message.

So I'm now wondering, is there a way to get this data back?

Cheers in advance folks. Please help!!


FPCH New Member
Nov 28, 2007
No takers?

I'm just really curious to know if I'm going to be able to recover this stuff or will it be impossible due to Windows no longer having the registry files relating to it's data.
Oct 16, 2007
Cheshire UK
The drive is over 128 gig so xp might be having problems reading the partition. Disconnect the drive and do all the xp updates, you may find you can read it then. If not , I reccomend easy recovery pro. Its pulled gigs of data off trashed drives for me.