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backround loads but desktop and all other programs are in-operable


FPCH New Member
Mar 22, 2007
when i start my pc(windows xp) my backround loads but no desktop nor icons. startup and other functions are in-operable. I can load windows in safe mode but i still can't figure out what is the problem. i ran numerous of virus scans and spybot detectors. it all started when i was playing a game and it froze. i restarted my pc and havent been able to run in normal mode since. please help me. jcrackz69@yahoo.com is my email. jfcrackz is my instant messaging name.


Jan 22, 2003
USA, Nebraska
PC Experience
Very Experienced
Hi jfcrackz:
Haven't a clue as to what caused this problem.
But you might want to try the obvious first.

Since you can boot into safe mode try using system restore from safe mode and restore to a time before this started.

If that doesn't work a lot more information will need to be supplied.
Good luck;