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BF2 error message

Aug 31, 2007
Ok, i been bugging EA one this one but there as helpful as........you get the picture. anyways, for the past month i been getting an error message saying "Your cd-key is not valid" now i have tried everything. repair, unistall, reinstall, complete uninstall (went throw reg and cleaned out anything BF2)) deleted patch, deleted shortcuts anything bf2 gone. installed it, downloaded patch again. Tried run as admin, tried run as windows xp (i run vista and yes, the game worked on it just fine) nothing worked, you i thought i need to run punkbuster as admin, when i go into the folder theres about 9 .dll files when there should be a pnkbster B file in there ( thats what my friends pb folder has) Is there a place i can download punkbuster from. there website not helpful because its only updates


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Sep 1, 2002
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