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blank screen


FPCH New Member
Mar 17, 2008
Before the below was put into action pc worked just fine

Installed a 2nd HDD. Pop up came up saying New hardware found but might not work properly.
Drivers needed I guess?

Decided to go into set up and drilled into CMOS.

Why did I do that?

There is showed what hardware I hard. I then set the action to Auto detect the new storage device, saved and exit.

Storage device was set as slave. Has its own ribbon and yes it was juiced up

Now when I switch on Pc it powers up but screen stays blank. Can not even try and access system via MS DOS

Advice and guidance please



Hello Novice

Welcome to Free PC Help

Is this an IDE drive we talk of here?
If so then set the jumper on it to Master.
Set the hard drive on IDE 1 or as is the case these days depending on your board IDE 2.
Your main boot drive (XP) should be on IDE 0 or again dependant on age 1
The new drive if set right will not show in My Computer until formatted.
It will be found however by right clicking My Computer and choosing Manage then Disk Management.


FPCH New Member
Mar 17, 2008

Thank you for taking an interest in my problem. I shall do as instructed and I will update you on my progress.