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Bleeping PC !


FPCH New Member
Feb 5, 2007
I've recently bought an HP 1620 Dual Core PC. Using Limewire to download music audio/clips. Every now and again an annoying bleep (or usually a string of bleeps ) emits from the back of the unit (not thru the speakers) and sometimes the downloading freezes. It's really annoying cos when it freezes I have to power off and re-boot. Any ideas re. the problem ?? cheers


FPCH Member
Jan 21, 2006
Telford, UK
It sounds like your computer is overheating. Often there is a low level feature of the system to beep whenever the temperature rises too high. The result is that computer may shut itself down automatically to prevent hardware damage or it may just freeze.

Since it is a recent purchase, you will still be covered under warranty. I strongly suggest you take up the matter with Hewlett Packard as they will be able to offer so-called "official" assistance. Sometimes they even send an on-site technician out as part of your terms of warranty.