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Boot problem


FPCH New Member
Dec 31, 2007
I have an Advent T9402 PC running Windows XP (SP2). Recently I used add/remove to remove lots of stuff, and ran the windows defrag and Norton Speeddisk.

Next time I started it up, it got hung after listing PCI devices, (the listing with IRQ numbers on the right). It has carried on doing this - I press ctrl/alt/delete and then F8 and select 'boot from the hard drive' and then it starts Windows OK.

I ran a chkdsk which took some hours to complete (and found one bad file).

Now, every time I start the PC, or do a restart (or even after hibernating) I have to press F8 and select boot from a hard drive to get it going - otherwise it works fine.

It seems to me that pressing F8 and selecting boot from the hard drive which of course it boots from anyway, seems to bypass whatever is hanging, which to me is a bit of a mystery but no doubt to experts is a dead giveaway - I would be very grateful for help on this.


FPCH Long Term Member
Dec 17, 2007
Operating System
Windows Vista - Home Premium
Actually John, I've read your post again and it seems you have a hardware problem.

When you say the system hangs at listing the devices, are you referring to the initial black screen with white letters (Post/Bios)?

Try moving the hard drive to the first boot device in the bios...be sure to save the changes.