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boot up


FPCH New Member
Sep 26, 2007
I am running Vista and have made chkdsk (checkdisk) enabled on boot now I want to stop it from going all through the checks as it takes so long and my laptop is new. Sorry that I can't recall what I did so that I could reverse it! Put it down to a senior moment!
Sep 26, 2007
Well on XP it was simple

Click START - RUN then type CMD press enter

now type fsutil dirty query D: (your drive here for example D: ) this will querie the drive and probably tell you its dirty

next type CHKNTFS /X D: (again your drive here for example D: ) the X will tell it not to check that drive on startup


Run a manual checkdisk Chkdsk /f /r d:

finally run fsutil dirty query d: and it should be clean

a lot of things remain the same on Vista so i hope this works ill check back later


FPCH New Member
Dec 18, 2007
I have just used upgrade disk for vista and it seems to be running ok,
But on start up or restart it keeps stopping at,

Windows Boot Manager with highlight your choice windows vista already highlighted press enter or in 30 secs it will do it auto,

Can anyone help to get this to boot automatically like it did on XP without keep stopping at this screen other than that it seems fine ? i hope.

Best Regards


Welcome to Free PC Help Jim

Will you please repost this as a new thread in the Vista forum please.