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Boot up


FPCH New Member
Sep 13, 2010
PC Experience
Some Experience
My computer runs with 3 hard drive connected by SATA, one has my old operating system on it (windows vista), one with my current operating system (windows 7) and the other has all my programs and files on it. It has been running fine for over half a year, yesturday we had a power cut while the computer was turned on, when I turned the computer on again later that day I was having trouble running windows related operations and not all programs started up, I realsied that my program drive letter had changed from (E) to (F) I tried to change this back useing windows but the file path could not be found. My DVD drive also connected by SATA has taken drive (E). I tried to boot up without the DVD drive connected but still the program drive was (F). When I boot up my old operating system windows vista everything is ok and my porgram drive is (E) again. Can you help me?

Jelly Bean

FPCH Distinguished Member
May 23, 2009
Hello there.

Power outage can damage hardware.

Try disconnecting all other hard drives other than the main windows 7.

Have you tried last known good config?

Have you tried booting into vista and running chkdsk on the win 7 hard drive?