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bootable USB disk


FPCH New Member
Aug 14, 2007
Hi all,

firstly - apologies if this has been raised before - I'm a new member here;

I have a laptop running XP with large USB external hard disk.
If my main C: drive goes down, to avoid loosing lots of work time, I want to have a copy of my system on my external disk, so I can continue working and fix the problem in parallel to that.

Now, initially I tried using the XP backup utility, backing up my entire system and restoring on the external hard disk.
Restarting the system having selected this disk to boot from - the system just hangs.

OK, so perhaps the system backup copy isn't really a complete copy of the system...

I figured I need maybe to start with XP installed on the external disk.
So, I began to install XP on this disk. But it seems XP wants to install itself on my C drive by default...

Having just reinstalled XP on my C drive a week previously, and had to reinstall all my apps and reconfigure etc., I didn't want to risk this new install screwing up my now-perfect C: drive, so I abandoned the attempted install of XP on the external disk.

So - how do I do this job and get a nice bootable copy of my main C: drive on an external disk???



FPCH Member
Jun 29, 2007
PC Experience
what software where you using, other then nt backup....
you wll need a decent cloning programming like casper xp......
once cloned you will need to boot from the usb hard drive....this i will be a setting in your bios..
then all should boot fine.....have you checked that the usb drive is all ok,,,1 small bad cluster can cause several issues...
casper xp http://www.fssdev.com/products/casperxp/