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Can I save old W7 files with my AIO W10 desktop


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Aug 6, 2009
East Sussex
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The title says it all really. My old W7 desktop gave up the ghost and I replaced it with an all singing and dancing W10 AIO desktop. Can I get the personal files off it? I do not know whether it's the HDD or something else which is gone. Is there an easy way to tell?


Oct 19, 2008
Wirral UK
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Hi Jim,

Sorry for the slow response - I don't know how I missed your post :(

The easiest way to get at the files - if it is actually possible - is to take the hard drive out of the case and connect it to your new machine.

Let's do this one stage at a time.
Firstly you will need to take the hard drive out of the case.
Unplug the case from the wall socket if it is still connected.

Then take the side panel off.
To do this you will need a cross-head screwdriver.
Not all cases are the same so you will need to play this by ear.


This shows a hard drive in the case. [ not all pull out like this one ]
Pull the cables from the drive connectors
You may need the screwdriver again to undo 4 screws that may be holding it in place.

If you are having problems let me have the make and model number of the Win7 computer.
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