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can sum1 help me regarding my hard disk space


FPCH New Member
Feb 9, 2008
hi, im using xp professional with vista biro pack. i have 2 windows install on my pc. 1) winsdow 98 on c: drive and 2) xp professional on D: drive total space of my hard disk iz 160GB. but for some reason im runing out of space on my D: drive in wich i have xp installed. i have removed most of the softwear frm it but still space iz filling up. can sum1 help me with dis plzz. thank Q


FPCH Long Term Member
Dec 17, 2007
Good call on that Maynard.

Does Treesize default to the C drive? If so, do you have to manually choose the D drive to get the info for that drive?


FPCH New Member
Feb 11, 2008
Hello, can someone help? My friend has taken her emachine laptop to pc world to have some extra ram put on it. Since she got home, her laptop wont recognise the printer, electrical supply, internet.. keeps closing down. She went into pc world and asked them about it, they told her to reset it to facory settings but to back up anything she wanted saving. Tried to do that yesterday, no go. Checked her system info and it says she only has 224Mb of Ram? She cant remember what the original Ram was, but I'm sure it would have been more than this. Is it possible it hasnt got enough memory to function? She is using windows xp. Any help would be valuable!! thanks, Lynne


Hi Jilly

Welcome to Free PC Help

Unfortunately you have jumped in on someone else's post. will you please repost your problem in the Hardware forum and I will answer your question.
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