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Cannot update any software


FPCH New Member
Nov 12, 2010
PC Experience
Some Experience
Ok guys so, quite honestly I didn't know where else to turn, I've never seen/experienced/heard of anything remotely relating to the nature of this problem before, some background information:

Everything working perfectly fine using a wireless connection to neighbors internet whilst waiting for mine to be installed (With permission, ofc)

Today the engineer finally comes around, sorts out the phone line and voila, very own internet access, speed is brilliant I may add, however... The problem lies here on;

I can download files, torrents, stream movies/music, but when it comes to a program automatically updating itself its an entirely different kettle of fish, 3 examples are as follows;

(All are games, no other software needs updating today)
* Star Wars KOTOR - Clicked 'UPDATE', it simply cannot connect to update server
* World of Warcraft - Won't even display news on the clients splash screen, fails to update as it should, simply giving an error saying it cannot do it
* Full Tilt Poker (Now this is the icing on the cake, everything else failed, I'm bored, so thought hey why not, bit of cyber gambling, double click the client, it informs me there is new updates to download and install, I consent, only to get "Cannot download update"

Has anyone ANY idea what this voodoo magic is?

Things I have tried:
* Putting the software on the 'allow' list of the new ISP's router firewall
* Checking the software is on my current antivirus softwares firewall exceptions list
* Disabling one, two and then all three of the firewalls (Windows defender FW, AVG FW and ISP's FW (BT)
* Restarting computer after said changes were made
* Throwing a pouch of tobacco across the lounge
* Inevitably annoying my girlfriend due to getting enraged about this oh so trivial yet oh so bloody annoying issue.

Help/advice would be GREATLY appreciated on this matter, I admit I am new to this forum, I generally never have any PC problems due to studying the silly things for a few years, but this is completely beyond me, and Google led me to yours truely.

Have mercy :(


FPCH Long Term Member
Jan 3, 2010
Cambridge UK
Hi Deknay, welcome to Free PC Help

The first piece of advice I would like to offer you is to stay chilled about your problem, and most defininately do not harp on about it to your girlfriend. She will be making your cocoa for you long after you've binned your lappy!

Thats advice from an old git who has the T-shirts..Lol

My second piece of advice is to stay away from P2P sharing, as this so often causes problems for the average computer user.

I would be interested to know if you are able to update programs and visit web sites that pertain to regular programs such as Adobe, Microsoft, your AV's update site, etc.

It might be prudent to give your ISP a call to see if they can throw any light on the nature/cause of your problems.

It should also be noted that after a new broadband service has been connected, that it sometimes takes a few hours to settle down, and work properly.

Be patient and I'm sure someone else will come along with some other ideas...:)


Jan 22, 2003
USA, Nebraska
PC Experience
Very Experienced
In addition to Franks warning about P2P and torrents I see a couple other possibilities that include his warning.

P2P is dangerous and some poker software is too even if the initial download is safe they are sometimes vulnerable to attacks.

Also figure that AVG is not a good defense in my opinion.

You should try uninstalling the poker program then check for malware considering your weak defense. Also uninstall any programs you may have obtained via torrents before the check.

It's also problematic to run more than one AV or firewall at the same time. Sometimes just disabling is not enough.

I don't think you are going to get an easy solution considering several wrong moves but if it is malware we have a forum section for that and some great people to deal with it. Read the sticky before posting there.


FPCH Long Term Member
Jun 6, 2008
Err ... this may sound stupid but have you tried running the programs as Administrator and then update them? If yes, what results did it yield?

-- Goku