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cant download watch video and keyboard issue


FPCH New Member
May 3, 2007
i am running XP sp2. ok when i try to use accesory buttons on keyboard like email music or volume control my mouse pointer dissapears on screen tabing control untill i find restart is very annoying. now the main issue i can not watch video or download from websites including microsoft. this happened after i attempted to tweak system for better game performance. i used abexo reg cleaner and disabled restore so thats not good. i attempted downloads from many websites. i can't even run a test on pc from pc-pitstop. i get an error saying cant download (file) from (url). and that the site is either unavailable or can not be found thats even from microsoft. i am still able to download from P2P programs. also my video will not work on websites such as youtube and others. my vidoe works fine on windows media player and real. i have no restore points or disk is there anything i can do? please help feel free to email me about this. thank you in advance


FPCH Member
Apr 22, 2007
PC Experience
Very Experienced
There is a possiblity that you may have inadvertly deleted some system files need for Windows Media Player etc, try verifying your windows installation by using the sfc /scannow command you may need your original copy of windows to hand to access this go to start, run type cmd and at the prompt type sfc /scannow

Hope it helps