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Can't get rid of 'auto complete' Google on Chrome Windows 8.1


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Jan 26, 2012
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Hi All
Auto complete may be the wrong term but I'm talking about when I do a Google search.
Everything I have searched for is saved so each search I make is stored and appears in blue whenever I click on search. although there is the facility to remove each item manually I'm getting flooded with dozens if not hundreds of previous searches.
I have tried finding the solution in Google search and tried several options but it all leads to nowhere as when I go to Settings - advanced the suggested button to click 'passwords and settings is not there. only passwords.
Hope someone can help please!


Aug 28, 2017
Here since I am not there
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Google saves you searches online and anything you do under your account as long as you are logged in to your google account. Yes it can be disabled.

Hoping this helps.
Easy to do just seems like a lot

When you are logged in to your google account
In the upper right corner of the Google.com page there is a 3x3 dots
Click that and select Account
From there select on the left side Data and Personalization
Scroll down and under Activity Controls
Click Web and App Activity
Scroll down and Click Manage Activity
On the left select Delete Activity By
You can select (Today, Data Range, All) in the drop down menu.
Click Delete
Confirmation to delete click Delete

To disable when you get the Web and App Activity
There is a slider bar just to the right that will turn that off (they call it pause)
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