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cant get rid of pop ups! ,anyhelp pls!!


FPCH New Member
Dec 31, 2006
hi, every time i open windows explorer i get a pop up of some sort (casino or dating) i am running window xp sp2,
i have run windows defender and spybot and have deleted all progs on my list that i dont recognize, but still i get probs, also so i have enabled pop up blocker to high on Internet options, how do i stop this ? any ideas guys many thanks...


FPCH Member
Jan 9, 2007
want to stop them popups. go to avast.com and download avast4free home and install. when it asks for a boot time scan tell it yes and count how many files you have to delete. when this works, do not get rid of avast unistall your other antivirus and use avast. will never have a problem