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New member
Feb 19, 2019
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Hi, Im trying to get internet access to a cctv system. Problem number 1 is the location of the CCTV system, which is in a barn away from the main house...some 80mtrs away. I setup the CCTV which has a LAN connection, so just as an experiment I tried a Homeplug version1 unit connected to System, and another in the router at the house. I know this is a big ask, as.... The router is using an upstairs ring-main, so the "signal" would have to travel down to fuseboard, across to the circuit feeding a garage, then onto the circuit feeding the barn, then again onto the circuit feeding the CCTV... I can already hear people saying NO WAY... however on connection my Homeplug ver 1 connected straight away!
knowing Version 1 of Homeplug was data only, and thinking I would need an AV version 2, I purchased a TP link 1200Mbs, starter kit....tried allsorts, would not connect...took them back
Tried NETGEAR AV500..... success... Red LED bridge light(weak link), but connection...apps downloaded to smart phone worked a treat. However...…. at nightime it stopped working, and seem to reset and be back on during daylight hours....annoying but could live with that. It worked for a couple of days..not nights...then stopped altogether! unplugging the adapter by the router would re-establish connection for another couple of days.
The Netgear units no longer connect, despite trying everything, for some reason they have stopped, but knowing that they connected surely means that a powerline adapter should work? anyone know what is the best way to connect? wifi unit?... dis