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cd drive not recognized


FPCH New Member
May 2, 2007
The CD rom was fine last week but this week when I put a CD in, it says there is no disk in the drive. It is not recognizing the command. Please help.


FPCH Member
May 7, 2007
1. Have you tried different disks? Could just be a problem with one disk.
2. Try getting Windows to recognise the drive again. Right-click My Computer and click on Properties. Click on the Hardware tab and then on the Device Manager button. Expand DVD/CD-ROM drives (by clicking the + next to it). If your drive is not listed try step 4. If you see your drive, click on it and press the Uninstall button (top right, second from right). Reboot and Windows should reinstall the drive.
3. Download latest drivers, in case yours have become corrupted. Check the manufacturer's website to download drivers, if possible.
4. You could try unplugging the IDE and power cable from the drive and plugging them in again. Also do this with the IDE cable on the other board. I'm assuming this dirve is IDE here. Don't do this if you're not OK with going inside your PC.

If none of this works your drive may have just died. You could always try it in another PC or try reinstalling Windows.
Hope this helps.