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CD problems


FPCH New Member
Jan 2, 2007
Hi I've just put a new CD-R into my P.C. I know for a fact the CD-R is good cos it works on my other P.C. I'm getting power to it cos the drawer opens and shuts but the P.C. says it aint there, I"ve tried two different wires from the motherboard to the CD-R but I'm getting nothing. Please help as I'm getting ready to take my lump hammer to it and the missus is gonna divorce me for turning the sitting room into a P.C. workshop.

The operating system is Windows ME and I want to upgrade tp XP but without a CD it aint possible.
Jan 21, 2006
Do you mean a blank CD-R?

Does the CD drive appear in Device Manager, from System in Control Panel?

Does the CD drive appear in Explorer? What about with/without a disk in?

Does the CD drive appear anywhere in the BIOS? Try the Boot options and the Drives sections. If not, swap the power and IDE cables with the HDD (which you know is working fine) and try the BIOS again. You won't be able to boot, obviously, but you will see if the drive is kaput.

You could try swapping the CD drive from your other PC which works well to see if that works in the troubled machine. If not I would suggest some problems with the motherboard or cables.

Also check the jumper settings. Cable Select (check your user manual or search online for your CD drive model) will be the best option for troubleshooting, I think.

If the CD drive is dead don't worry, they are really cheap to replace ;-)