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Changing the entire article that member has been written on it.



I think honestly i have spend my boring time that i was writting "How to filter a spam before arriving in a inbox".

Since i found out that Bonnie (help4me) has editten my entire topic and i found out that my boring time is wasted and i felt a bit angry and madder. Couldnt moderators possible leave / notify if they arent happy with their post.

Please please Moderators / Admin CONSIDER about their post, Since if it bad english please edit them with correct english or notify member to satisfy / making comment cleaner then editing the entire post.

Thank You!



FPCH Long Term Member
Feb 7, 2007
South Africa

I agree that she should have told you about the changes as this was your article. I am sorry if this upset you, i think maybe she was just trying to help you.



I agree that she should have told you about the changes as this was your article. I am sorry if this upset you, i think maybe she was just trying to help you.
And someone mod/admin removed right of posting a "Article and tutorial forum" and i want to post How to Build a PC.

If they havent edit my article and removed right, i would post it, Bonnie, LOOK at my tutorial on other forum and you'll realise.I

If i had more problems, i'll leaving this forum, for good. AND i meant it.


Free PC Help reserve the right to remove or edit any content posted to any forum at any time and for any reason.
The above is an extract from the Rules Robert.

If you wish to leave then feel free to do so.


Jan 22, 2003
USA, Nebraska
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Very Experienced
Hi ccm;
First of all I don't know what she edited or why since you deleted your or her content. Perhaps you should have asked why first. Secondly FPCH does have the RIGHT to edit any content as we see fit for any reason.

I had no issue with your tutorial but if you are going to pull them everytime you get upset then why should we continue to post them. It only makes for more work for the team to clean it up.

Thirdly the Tutorial forum was changed to View Articles as noted on the home page. For many reasons we decided that all articles should be reviewed first and comments not added. If you wish to submit an article contact us and we will review it. Thanks for pointing out though that members can still edit their own content in the closed forum. Rest assured that it will be corrected in the future.

Lastly this forum is not a place to rant or vent anger. If you disagree do so politely or in private. This includes the angry smiley faces unless done in jest.

Thankyou for your time.