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Chromecast problem


FPCH New Member
Mar 15, 2014
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Some Experience
I have a relatively new pc running Windows 11 and I have been happily casting from the pc to my TV using the Google Chromecast device.
I recently upgraded my internet feed to BT Fibre so I had a new hub with a new name and password.
Now the Chromecast simply will not work. I'll try my best to describe the problem.
Whenever I try to get the Chromecast to recognise the new network either on the TV or on the pc, the link to the network from the TV or the pc disappears. It's almost as if it can't handle the two things being linked to the network.
Furthermore, when I access the settings on the TV and switch sources to the Chromecast I get a message saying I have to use a mobile device, tablet or phone and download the Google Home app.
This seems to suggest that I can only cast from a mobile device and not from a pc.
I never had to do this when I first bought the Chromecast. It was up and running within minutes - from laptop to TV.
Sorry if I haven't described this problem very well.
Can anyone advise, please?
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