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Clueless on a steep, steep learning curve.


New member
Jan 16, 2019
PC Experience
Hi everybody. I’m Sammy, a clueless computer user. It makes very little sense to me. Until recently I relied on my partner Scott to do anything technical (even setting up the printers and tv) but he died in December and I now have to learn how to do stuff. Some of you may have known Scott as Synapse. He had some friends on here who he thought a lot of. I’m not sure who, but I guess you’ll know who you are. It’s a very steep learning curve from absolute novice to independent IT user, so please forgive my silly questions. I promise I’ll look on google first. Thanks I’m advance for your patience ❤


May 17, 2009
Illinois U.S.A.
PC Experience
Elite PC Guru
A wise man once said the only stupid question is the one not asked. We are here to help you with whatever the problem may be.

Sorry for your loss.
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