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comp to laptop problems


FPCH New Member
Oct 19, 2007
hi i was just wondering if anyone could help me im tryin to link my pc (which is running win xp) to my friends laptop (which is running vista) to play link up games we have a crossover cable and have the game installed on both comps but when we try to connect it says it cant find any lan games we was able to transfer files but not play games and ever since iv fiddled and tried to get it to work its now stopped letting us transfer files lol

please can anyone help
Oct 16, 2007
Cheshire UK
You will need to set a static ip for both machines somthing like on one and on the other. Set the subnet mask to on both. The default gateway on both wont matter. Make sure the workgroup on both are the same.

You should now be able to copy files between both machines and play networked games. If it still wont work look at the firewall settings.