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Compiz--Quinn is dead... long live Beryl!!!!


FPCH Member
Jan 22, 2006
Upon a Chair
For those who don't know what either of those are... check out my screenshot: http://pricechild.agsvoice.com/Screenshot.jpg

That is Ubuntu Linux 6.10 beta (Edgy Eft) running the latest beta 9xxx drivers with Beryl isntalled on Edgy's native xorg7.1 server.

It also has windows xp running in a virtual machine on one side of the cube, 2 videos running with one transparent over the other to show off the realtime transparency, the cube rotated AND an output that isn't really a benchmark but still show FPS.

The human eye doesn't really detect any more than 50FPS if you're lucky so, normally around 25, so imagine how smooth this is running when i'm not using the virtual machine!

Here's the howto if you happen to know what you're doing: