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computer gets to windows then restarts


FPCH New Member
Jan 10, 2007
hi all,

PC is a 1.4ghz celeron
Advance 10T motherboard
384MB memory
2x40GB hard disks
Voodoo 3dfx PCI graphics card
On-board sound
350W PSU

I'm trying to install a legit copy of Windows 98SE. I can do all the Dos functions (i.e. FDISK, format etc) no problem. I get the files transferred then the computer does it's scheduled restart. The "loading windows for the first time" screen comes up then the computer reboots itself, goes into safe mode, gets to the windows screen, reboots etc. i have noticed on reboot, the memory is showing 256mb, and not 384 as is installed.

Could it be a dodgy memory stick, or are there any other plausible explanations?

pc tech

FPCH Member
Jan 19, 2007
Hi atarimad

To be honest if its not counting the memory properly you do have a faulty chip and windows will not load try removing the faulty memory stick
and re-load again