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Computer Keeps Resetting


FPCH New Member
Jan 21, 2008
Hey all, first post here.
I reformatted my pc today. Just incase this helps I have 3x320GB SATA HD. Anyway, i formatted one of them and reloaded windows on. I installed all my sound and video drivers and all was ok. I then put a few games onto it: Empire Earth 3, The witcher, CNC3, AOE2 and the movies.

Ok the problem is everytime i run a game the computer resets itself. Before i formatted i had no hassles playing these games before. I only have a 6800GT ultra but it was capable of running these before the format. So i was just wondering what keeps causing my PC to restart? Is it something to do with a bad install of XP, bad install of drivers? Card knacked or what lol. For some reason my PC does not restart with AOE2 though. Thanks in advance. Help needed :)


Hello Sky

Welcome to Free PC Help

Did you get all the windows updates again after you reinstalled?


FPCH Long Term Member
Dec 17, 2007
Operating System
Windows Vista - Home Premium
Also check for an updated driver for the video card at the manufacturer's site.