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Computer Shuts down randomly while in games


FPCH New Member
May 17, 2010
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Hey ok for a week or two the this computer has been randomly shuting down while playing any game, This is the system sepcs

System Manufacturer To Be Filled By O.E.M. Model To Be Filled By O.E.M. Total amount of system memory 2.00 GB RAM System type 64-bit operating system Number of processor cores 2 Storage Total size of hard disk(s) 75 GB Disk partition (C:) 39 GB Free (75 GB Total) Graphics Display adapter type NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT Total available graphics memory 1279 MB Dedicated graphics memory 512 MB Dedicated system memory 0 MB Shared system memory 767 MB Display adapter driver version Primary monitor resolution 1280x1024 DirectX version DirectX 10
I took out 2 gigs of memroy and disabled the Drive also turned PCI Epress back to PCI

Any ideas?

Thanks guys!!!!!!!!!!


FPCH Member
Aug 16, 2008
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Mine had the same issues once (random shutdowns). I narrowed mine down to over-heating and on inspection, the thermal paste on the CPU was baked. I removed the fan, cleaned the chip and re-coated it with Arctic Silver 5. No problems since. By the look of your specs, you have a serious gaming PC and it would make sense that, given the work the CPU has to do, over-heating might be it. Somebody might agree or scoff this theory, but the symtoms sound similar to mine. Good luck.
May 27, 2008
Stockport near Manchester
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If its only shutting down when playing games, then I would look at the GPU more than anything (while playing games stresses the PC more than most things, if something was overheating like the CPU/RAM it would be apparent before playing games)

When you uninstall drivers - do you remove the old driver through add/remove then restart then install the new one?

If it's the GPU overheating its normally the RAM sinks as opposed to the GPU chip itself

With you saying its only started happening in the last few weeks are these games that it crashes on recently installed?