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Connect two computers?


FPCH New Member
May 31, 2007
I have just purchased a new XP Professional computer, how do I connect it to my old XP Pro and use them both without transferin all my saved files and programs? Is this possible and how do I do It?


FPCH New Member
Sep 13, 2007
Is there any way to use my internet service (which is coming to my desktop by traditional phone line) using my mobile phone - connecting the pc & phone with bluetooth?


FPCH Member
Jun 29, 2007
PC Experience
Operating System
put them both in the same workgroup. enable priner and file sharing in the firewall. right click the folder you wan to share then click "sharing and security"share that then on the other pc go to my computer>tools>map network drive then browse , browse the workgroup name then click hat you want to map...
alternativly to find the share go to network connections in control panel, then find my network places in the left, thne workgroup computers, in there wil lbe the pc with the share.
then do the same on the other pc.
not really advisable to share the whole of the XP hard drive for security reasons.
let me know if i can help anymore
if your pc has a bluetooth dongle then yes,you can make the dongle bridge to the broadband (not dial up),then this wil act as a gateway to your phone then pair to the device,and browse awy...make sure your phone is capable though,,,you will get a huge bill if you use he internet on your phone and not your broadband...
for more info give me the make and model of phone.
one last thing please start your own topic instead of jumping on anothermthis is usually frowned on.

to you both