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connecting vista to internet via xp.


FPCH New Member
Dec 25, 2007
Today my little sister got a new computer running vista for christmas and I have run into a few problems trying to connect it to the internet.

On my computer (which runs xp) my modem is only a usb modem and so i cannot connect my router to it.

Instead what I have done is connected the modem to a usb port on my computer and then connected the router to my network port and then connected my xbox 360 and brothers computer to the router.

Now for some reason both my xbox 360 and brothers computer (which runs xp) connect to the internet however when i connect my sisters computer to it, it simply wont connect.

It detects that it is on a network but it refuses to connect to the internet.

could anyone help me please.



Hello Galantina

Welcome to Free PC Help

I'm not into networking as such but a fellow member that frequents here is, so if you would kindly bear with us for a brief period we would be most grateful.
They can then assist you in this dilemma.


FPCH Long Term Member
Dec 17, 2007
Operating System
Windows Vista - Home Premium
I've never connected an internet network in such a manner, but I'll try and help you out.

Vista uses a slightly different TCP/IP protocol, so it may need to be manually configured, or possibly disabled in order for it to get online.

Can you please check the properties of the Vista connection and report back with the IP addresses?

NOTE- To the best of my knowledge, no Internet Service Provider issues USB modems any longer. As such, a better option may simply be to get a standard modem.