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FPCH Contributor
Nov 25, 2008
Essex UK
PC Experience
Some Experience
Hi friends I have not been around on here of late but I had to tell you this one to go with skyclads problem.
Pluss I am chuffed with my self.
About a week ago I kept getting the BSD and The black one as well all this and a funny sound from my PC. All this happened after inside the first 30 seconds of switching on. Also a message no HDMI connection
You would not believe the apps I removed oh and put them back again.
Long story short after about 3 days flapping about I wondered if anything was visible in the pc case.
Why Why Why did my 80 year old brain NOT do this first.
the answer 3 small cables wrapped round the spotless CPU fan tied them back with plastic tie all running fine now.


Oct 19, 2008
Wirral UK
Hi Bob
good to hear from you :)

Well done for solving your own problem.
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