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CSS Site



What you think of the new CSS site?

My intention was to make a temp site just to state that we are back online, but a lot have said they quit like the look of it...

Must admit, it took me a few hours today, struggling to remember some of the CSS code :lol:
Jan 21, 2006
It's nice. Plain, simple, sophisticated. Evolve it naturally from this starting point and it should grow into a creature of beauty.



Thanx, Yeah have some ideas to develop it.. Just ideas and my skills tend not to match :p



Well ive got a rough sitemap drawn out, how it would look, etc. But that will probably change.

Hopefully i will be including an article, tutorial, reviews centre type section. Mainly based on user input. Eg, a user may write a review, they then post it on the forum, mods will read over it and make suggestions. Once a final version has been decided on, it will get submitted to me and I will publish it. Basically, its entirely up to YOU the users :p on what you write about, but obviously with limitations. Along the computing subject.

Have also got an IRC chat server being set up which will be implemented with the forums.

Any ideas are welcome. Just need to get the site to ‘grow’ a little more


I would think the mods too... Mods help out a lot, so its only fair to give them credit...