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Daft woman can't get past first screen!


FPCH New Member
Jan 9, 2008

I am hoping someone out there can help me!....recently moved house, set up pc fine no probs, set up wireless broadband, everything ok, switched on first screen came on but stuck, didnt load up...sorry dont know technical words but im hoping someone understands what im rambling on about!

Jo :S

Jack Hackett

Banned FPCH Member
Jan 7, 2008
Hi, some questions for you to ask so we can further ascertain just how far this PC is getting when you turn it on

What screen does it halt on?
Is it the very 1st black screen, if so what messages if any are displayed?
do you hear any beeps when you turn the PC on? if so how many? one beep is good;) any more indicates a hardware / configuration problem.
Does it get as far as the Windows Starting message?



FPCH New Member
Jan 9, 2008
Thanks Jack for swift reply...

sorry again for not knowing all the technical wording....it starts up and then goes to a screen with a logo at the top American something or other and where it normally scrolls through words / numbers? it doesnt just stops (at the bottom says delete to set up or something)....it beeps once i think (sorry am at work and trying to remember from memory!!)...defo doesnt get to windows starting menu



Hi Jo

Welcome to Free PC Help

What your seeing is the POST screen and it will be saying Press Del to Enter Setup.

What I would try is reboot and as soon as the pc starts continually tap F8 to enter Safe Mode.
Here choose Last Known Good Configuration like in the shot below.