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Defeating the Trojan ?

Hafoi Bin Ereafower

Free PC Help Contributor
Feb 11, 2013
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Some Experience
Sounds like something Russell Crowe should be doing in the arena.

But - - - there I was gently browsing my Facebook page and an item seemed interesting about a strange apparition on an ice flow - I clicked on it and instantly up came what appeared to be a Microsoft warning page saying my computer was locked.

Only way out of it was to press power button on Windows 10 lap top - wait - then power up again.

First thing I did on power up was to go into settings and security to scan for probs and I got a warning (after the scan ) about this here Trojan lurking in my downloads file. I was offered (in Windows Defender) an opportunity to erase which I did (think there were three options- one offline)

Anyway - Defender went away and after much chuntering - - - nothing - - - - no "your problem has been cleared" message - nothing.

Now being a worrisome sort of elderly chap - I closed down the laptop and went away and had a "think".

After my "think" I came back started it up and went through the scan process again and this time there was no "alert" about Russell Crowe's Trojan -it appears to have been defeated.

Aaaah - but has it - - is my question to the esteemed experts of PC Help.

Chap's (esse's) is there something else I should be doing - so I can sleep soundly ?



Oct 19, 2008
Wirral UK
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Hi H-B-E

This is one for Starbuck.
He should be along shortly - if no response within 24 hours message me :)


Admin & Security Team
Feb 19, 2010
Midlands, UK
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Hi H-B-E,

This I find a bit odd....
instantly up came what appeared to be a Microsoft warning page saying my computer was locked.
I've never heard of an AV program that warned that your computer was locked.
I'm betting that it wasn't from Microsoft.
You can check to see if Windows Defender found and quarantined anything.
Open Windows Defender...
Click the History tab....
I suggest that you click 'All detected items'
Then click View details.

This will tell if in fact anything was found.

is there something else I should be doing - so I can sleep soundly ?
A second opinion is always a good idea in these situations.
Download and install MalwareBytes (this is a free program to download and run for 14 days. After 14 days it will revert to totally free/on demand scanner)
When finished installing, open the program and click the Scan button.
Let the scan run uninterrupted ( it may well update before running the scan )
If anything is found let it quarantine the items.
It may well reboot your system when the scan is complete... this is normal.
Let us know if anything is found.
We can do some more indepth searches of your system but this will give us a good idea if any further work is necessary.
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