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Dell Dimension 9200 changing hard drive


FPCH New Member
Mar 21, 2017
PC Experience
My old Dell Dimension 9200 motherboard died, and I have been lucky to acquire a working replacement which has 2 hard drives set up on RAID array (2x160gb).
I want to install my old drive onto the new computer. I know how to make the change physically, but what I would like to know is - do I need to change the BIOS?



Oct 19, 2008
Wirral UK
PC Experience
Very Experienced
Hi Joy and welcome to FpcH

Couple of questions.
1. Do you intend trying to use the old hard-drive with the old version of Windows still installed?

2. Is the new motherboard exactly the same model as the one that died?

3. Which operating system is on the hard-drive that you wish to install [ assuming that you are not re-installing the OS ]

4. Do you have a Windows Installation Disk for the OS that you wish to install ?

OK - I know I exceeded my "couple of questions" limit :)
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