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Dell PSU Issues. Read This



Unfortunately if you study the Dell main and auxiliary connector pinouts I've listed here and compare them to the industry standard ATX pinouts listed earlier, you'll see that not only are the voltage and signal positions changed, but the number of terminals carrying specific voltages and grounds has changed as well. It would be possible to modify a Dell supply to work with a standard ATX board, or to modify a standard ATX supply to work with a Dell board, but you'd have to do some cutting and splicing in addition to swapping some terminals around. Usually it wouldn't be worth the time and effort.
Source.. Third paragraph from the bottom


Stickied but not closed.
Any further input with regard to this Dell issue are welcome.

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Oct 30, 2012
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Windows 7- Ultimate
If anyone has a Dell PSU and a multimeter - and would be willing to test it with it - we will have our answer.


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Dec 27, 2011
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This thread is, or rather was 5 years old, I doubt we will find an answer any time soon.