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Dell Says "Not so Fast" Regarding XPS Departure



WSJ: "Dell is dropping the XPS line"
Dell: "Errr No!"

Yesterday, the internet was abuzz regarding a story from the Wall Street Journal concerning Dell's XPS lineup. The paper reported that Dell would drop its XPS lineup to focus squarely on the Alienware brand.

The paper contended that keeping both the XPS and Alienware brand names on the Dell umbrella diluted the Alienware product line. Dell, however, says that it must have missed the memo concerning any changes to its own XPS range.

"XPS remains an important Dell brand with its heritage of premium performance," said Dell's Anne Camden. "While closely ***ociated with gaming, in the last year XPS has expanded well beyond a gaming brand -- look at the XPS One, our first entry into the all-in-one market, the XPS M1330, an industry leading ultraportable or the XPS 420 desktop, designed for multi-media activities. How the WSJ missed all this is a little beyond us.”

Camden went on to defend a few specific models of the XPS line including the XPS M1730 gaming laptop, XPS 630 gaming desktop, and XPS 730/730 H2C. She fired back at the WSJ stating, "We don’t plan an early phase-out of these systems as the WSJ incorrectly stated, and in fact will continue to refresh them to keep them on the front edge of gaming."
This direct rebuff from Dell, however, will have no impact on the company's upcoming AMD-based Alienware system which will be priced at $1,700.

"We love gamers. We love gaming. And much like we want to win every game we play, we want to lead in this market. Simple really," added Camden. "So that’s why we’re investing so much in the gaming systems of the future – we want those on an Alienware or XPS to reign supreme."

Sourced from Daily Tech