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Display problems- tower related


FPCH New Member
Oct 10, 2007
i had a power surge a few weeks ago and for some reason my pc tower doesn't seem to be transmitting any information to my monitor. i know the monitor works as i tested it on the spare pc in my house.
i was wondering if it might be a problem with the graphics card, any ideas?


FPCH Member
Jun 29, 2007
PC Experience
Operating System
have you tried changing the power supply unit.
in most power surges the psu (power supply unit) is taken out first then other parts of hardware (not that often thanl god).
you can get a psu for about £15 from pc world or maplin or any other computer shop.
i would try that first.....or try a KNOWN working psu.
do you hear any beeps...or doesnt it power on full stop
Oct 16, 2007
Cheshire UK
If you dont see ANYTHING on the display,no post, memory check, logo etc then (with the power unpluged)-

Unplug the graphics card (look out for the retension clip) and plug it back in.

same with the memory.

unplug all the cdroms harddrives floppy drive (power and data) but remember what went where!

Power it back up.

If you now get a display power off and plug the drives back in one at a time till it stops working.

You now either have a working system or know which drive is causing the problem.

If that did not work-

Power off and unplug all the cards, disk drives and memory.

Power on and it should give you lots of beeps, if not its the PSU CPU or motherboard.

Power spikes on the phoneline can kill the modem and a dead modem can stop a pc in its tracks.

Somone should do a basic tutorial on fault finding, how about it mike ? You fixed enough pc's in the shop <evil grin>.