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DLL messages

  • Thread starter the nipple erecters
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the nipple erecters

I have recently installed a mac emulation program. Now, each time I start up my computer I get these messages: winssnotify.exe - illegal system DLL relocation, and, cfd.exe - illegal system DLL relocation. I am a computer novice and, while understnading that this is not a good thing, it doesnt seem to affect anything other than testing my patience, for I have to close these boxes each time I start up. After I close them everything is fine. I really do not want to uninstall the program or system restore. Is there any way of fixing the problem without doing either of these?
I understand this is a little specific, but any information DLL messages would be helpful.


FPCH New Member
Nov 1, 2007
i have used windows media player and a few other media players to play mpeg files, but the audio and video are not aligned. one of them is playing ahead of the other.

any information on solving such a problem is highly appreciated.
Oct 16, 2007
Cheshire UK
Please start a new thread.

Try the vlc player, not found much it wont play.

Your pc could be too slow, the video could have been badly encoded or you could have the wrong codec.

I seem to remember a free utility called gspot that would tell you what codec to use.



FPCH Member
Jun 29, 2007
PC Experience
Operating System
what i would do is boot into safe mode (f8 at boot up)then do a system restore
start>all programmes>system tools>system restore
see if that helps
chose a date before this happened