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download problems


FPCH New Member
Oct 2, 2007
Hi, I am having problems when downloading Limewire, I cant access it, the icon is on my desk top, Ive checked in control panell in add and remove and Limewire is there, but when I click on it to open nothing happens, what am I doing wrong? I am a complete novice, many thanks.


Jan 22, 2003
USA, Nebraska
PC Experience
Very Experienced
I haven't a clue since I don't know what version of Windows you are using or what security software you're using. Are you the only user? Are you an administrator?

Limewire is spyware/adware/malware/crapware. Hopefully even though you see it listed it is not installed. Not likely though. You are probably already infested with bundled software. Be prepared for future problems such as a slower computer and pop-ups and viruses etc.

My best advice is to remove it via good pgrams although it might take a few hours or try an immediate system restore. Then delete all restore points before it's too late to clean up the infestation.

Free music can be expensive. It can take hours to clean a system. At $60 an hour it can cost anywhere up to $600 to clean and save your data. If it can be done at all.

Most responsible techs will just tell you to re-install your OS and cut your losses while you lose all your data.

Consider if it's worth the risk and costs. If you pay for the shipping I'll clean it for $600 and attempt to save a few files. Just kidding. Format if if you use P2P.

The fact that it appears you can't download and install correctly is a blessing. Perhaps you are blocked by restrictions.



FPCH Member
Sep 26, 2007
Well i wouldnt format i think thats a bad idea after all its only limewire and can be removed along with all the Malware

Use add/remove to remove it
then go here
and here

Download the free version of superantispyware and update it now run a full scan (make sure you have no programs open)
update and run Spybot S+D (note:this is a free program and i recommend it)
Remove ALL instances found

Now go here

Tick all boxes and run Cr*pCleaner this will remove all the unneeded files from your pc
go to: my computer - program files - and remove all folders to do with limewire

Your pc should be better now

Please do not install ANY P2P programs not only is it illegal but your PC WILL be ruined FACT!

I have a similar problem with ICQ6 it installs but doesnt run i cant explain why but im not bothered because i just use an older version of ICQ


FPCH Member
Jun 29, 2007
PC Experience
Operating System
ok, well if you REALLY want limewire thats your choice, i dont really condone helping software that helps piracy
have you tried right clicking the desktop icon,then clicking propeties then click find target
this will point you to the main executable,click that see if it loads then.
do you have full access on that pc.. like do you have administrator rights
have you tried an uninstall and re-install.
i use limewire and the "mailware crapware whatever you call it" has NEVER infected me.and i check every week.
do you have the latest version.


FPCH Member
Oct 25, 2007
i admit it i too use limewire and i know its naughty but anyway...
i have never had a problem with it and like danzil i scan my pc regularly. limewire is harmless if you are careful and pay attention to what you are downloading.

anyway what operating system are you using? if its vista forget about it vista doesnt allow it to work. friends have asked me to install it and make it work i just cant do it same goes for other programs like bitcomet (another downloading program i know i am bad bad very bad!)

no matter what i try on vista with that program including running it in xp mode it just wont work. if its xp and you really want it remove it from your pc completly and download it again from download.com


good luck whatever you decide